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Go on. Make your career the one you always wanted.
The Akeno Adventure is a programme of support to accelerate and fast-track career transition and progression, with practical guidance, planning, challenge and connections.

The Adventure provides a smoother journey to achieve your career ambitions, giving you the skills and techniques you need to work smarter and achieve greater value.

There was already a wave of change building up momentum. Covid-19 has just speeded it up.
How do we ride today's waves of change?

We learn to career surf!

The Akeno Adventure will perfect your career wave surfing skills. To ride the current waves of change, and to ride changes that will come along in the future.
Meet Moira
Moira was doing temporary jobs that fit around school and child care. She was unhappy in her work and spoke to Kerry for advice.
Moira was stuck on what to do next job-wise. My temporary role was coming to an end, so it felt like a good time to do something different. She says "I didn't know what, and I definitely didn't know how!"
By working together with Kerry and learning some new techniques, she set some new goals.
With support from Kerry, Moira expanded her network. She was approached about some work beyond her dreams.
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Contact Kerry for more information or to book a discovery session. Your contact request will go straight to Kerry.
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Common questions

Who's Kerry Thompson?

Kerry is described as a 'pioneer who welcomes a challenge'. She has a positive mindset and is warm, engaging and motivating.

Kerry's an Accredited Self-Worth Academy Associate and Coach, and believes a solid foundation of self-worth builds resilience, and the ability to drive change.

Kerry's approach includes authentic support and practical advice and guidance towards achieving tangible outcomes.
See Kerry on LinkedIn or About Kerry.

What's a discovery session?

Quite simply… an open and friendly 30 minute conversation.

It's a chance to meet Kerry and freely discuss your goals and challenges. You'll be in a safe and confidential environment where you can truly express what you would like to achieve; with nothing expected of you and no judgement at all.

You will clarify ideas and probably uncover some new opportunities, and you can start to map out your personalised adventure.

Your discovery session might give you all you need to kick-start an adventure on your own, or you may decide to embark on the journey with Kerry. There is no obligation either way, so there really is nothing to lose, and potentially much happiness to gain (as clients will testify!). Book here.

What will change for me?

Are you a contractor and worried about IR35? Learn how to work smarter so avoid the risk of IR35.

Are you employed, but not truly happy in your role? Do you wish to transition your career in some way? Perhaps prepare for a promotion, or move into a completely new area? You spend far too much of your life at work to be nothing less than truly happy.

Do you have a new business idea, but unsure how to explore it whilst maintaining the cash flow of your existing work situation?

Are you a woman in a male-dominated world? Struggling to be heard?

Are you struggling to juggle life and work commitments? Not enough hours in the day?

Is this coaching or mentoring?

A coach will often guide a client to find their own answers to their challenges. A mentor will share knowledge, whilst steering and supporting in a practical way.

The adventure is a blend of coaching to build confidence and awareness, and mentoring on the 'how to' side of career confidence, resilience and transition.

Can you help my whole team?

Do you need to develop your leaders? Change delivery is key to business success, and your leaders are key to delivering that change efficiently and effectively.

Do you or your staff have to run projects as part of your day job with little or no formal training?

Do you want a better work/life balance?

Do you want to work smarter, not harder?!

If you’ve answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, Kerry can help.

Is this right for me?

Book a discovery session and find out!


The work environment is a little challenging at the moment. All the more reason to build resilience into your career.
Kerry was already working with people remotely before the pandemic, so social distancing doesn’t need to hamper your work with her at all.
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