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In my opinion, our work life is an important piece of the happiness puzzle. After all, we spend a significant portion of our lives at work. Being unsatisfied or missing some confidence or direction can impact on our whole being.
If you are keen to discover a new you, develop a new career or business idea, or simply build your confidences and expand your capability in your chosen field, let’s see if I’m the right person for you.
A discovery session will enable us to understand your goals, identify your current challenges, and explore how we could work together to achieve your success.
I look forward to talking to you.

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Contact Kerry for more information or to book a discovery session. Your contact request will go straight to Kerry.
Don't worry if you aren't too firm yet about what you want to discuss. That's why it's called discovery session!
Why do it all alone?

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The Akeno Adventure doesn't have to be daunting. You can identify your key goals and get practical advice and gentle support in working towards the transformation you deserve.
"Kerry supported me in building the toolkit of knowledge, clarity of thought and resilience I was going to need in order to be successful in my chosen new path."
Steve Bellew
Akeno Adventure client
What will happen?
The discovery session gives you and Kerry an opportunity to meet each other (via Zoom or Teams) and have an informal chat. The focus is on you, the challenges you are facing, and what opportunities you’d like to explore.
Kerry will share some observations and insights, plus relevant advice and guidance to help you shape what your adventure might involve.
Your discovery session might give you all you need to kick-start an adventure on your own, or you may decide to embark on the journey with Kerry. There is no obligation either way, so there really is nothing to lose, and potentially much happiness to gain (as clients will testify!).


The work environment is a little challenging at the moment. All the more reason to build resilience into your career.
Kerry was already working with people remotely before the pandemic, so social distancing doesn’t need to hamper your work with her at all.
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