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A Guide To Your Ikigai

Kerry Thompson
Our sessions together will identify the golden threads, sense check your ideas, and most importantly, leave you with an action plan to achieve your Ikigai.

Ikigai - pronounced ick-ee-guy - is the Japanese principle of finding your purpose, and happiness, within a career you are truly aligned to. When you work in a career you love, one you’re good at, and one that fulfils your financial and emotional needs, you’re said to have found your Ikigai. Sounds good, doesn’t it!

The Akeno Adventure Ikigai Programme uses a proven methodology to guide you towards your Ikigai. There’s no quick-fire quiz that outputs a binary job title, instead, we work through three phases to gently, but purposefully, help you to identify your Ikigai and thus, a future that you are suited to, aligned to, and will prosper from.

The programme takes place over 4 sessions. We start with an introduction to Ikigai and the programme, before entering the 3 key phases of Ikigai. Each phase has a set of carefully crafted questions, which we work through together;

1.You Love It: What do you love doing, what makes you happy?

2.You're Good At It: What have you got the skills for, or what skills can you acquire?

3.Reality Check: Does your idea fulfil a need in this world? Will it provide the necessary income and security?

Our sessions together will identify the golden threads, sense check your ideas, and most importantly, leave you with an action plan to achieve your Ikigai.

Ikigai is something that should be addressed at regular intervals in life.

For secondary-school students, it can lighten the pressure of making decisions on what they'll study at university, and indeed, whether university is right for them. It can open up other post-education options, such as apprenticeships, and gives a structure to ensure their future is fully considered. This guided approach can not only prevent overwhelm, but it can also save precious time and money that comes with following a wrong path. With university now costing in the region of £40,000+, it’s vital the right decisions are made!

For university students, and those in their early career, it can solidify vision, help to define professional identity, and create a pathway for accelerated progression. It can prevent heading in the wrong direction, wasting time in industries or roles that you aren't fully aligned to, and can open up new ideas and develop new mindsets.

For established career professionals, it can bring clarity about next steps, steer important career decisions, and even form ideas for complete career transformation. It’s never too late to adjust your mindset in your existing career, or to pivot completely. Established career professionals can find it harder to make changes. There are often financial, family and social commitments/expectations to consider. Ikigai brings a framework and a solid foundation on which to base important decisions.

The Ikigai Programme can de delivered on a 1:1 basis as a private arrangement, or through an employer, via a corporate professional development programme, or as part of a school or university initiative. A group approach is also in development, which takes teams or classes through the programme together.

To find out more about Ikigai and the Akeno Adventure Ikigai Programme, contact us anytime.

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